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Wie steht es um die Religion(en) in der Welt des Hexers? Mit dieser durchaus nicht einfachen Frage beschäftigt sich der 10. Eintrag im Entwicklertagebuch des The Witcher PnP RPG.

R. Talsorian Games

Hi folks,

Another area we’re working on now is religion. How much effect does religion have on the people of Witcher. In this time of destruction and death do people hold to their religion more or less? What is the territory of a given religion?

The Eternal Fire is at its strongest in Redania, specifically in Novigrad and in the lands that Radovid has granted their order. Many of the Order of the Flaming Rose, the militant order of the church, are becoming part of Radovid’s witch hunters or have joined the Redanian army at the Temerian front. Will this affect the church’s slow spread throughout the North? Or will the idea of light out of darkness appeal to people in difficult times?

Information on Witcher says that Veyopatis, the druid like religion, and the Church of Coram Ag Tera, a tribal cult of death and sadism, are old, old…

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