Das Witcher PnP RPG stellt uns Lisa Pondsmith vor, Co-Autorin des Spiels und Kennerin der Sapkowski’schen Hexerwelt. Und das erste Rohkonstrukt liegt CDPR zur Absegnung vor. Es entwickelt sich langsam 🙂

R. Talsorian Games

Hey everyone, things are quiet here. I’m waiting for approval from CD Projekt Red on the skeleton of the game. In the mean time, here’s the other half of the Witcher PNP RPG team: Lisa Pondsmith. Lisa is writing all the world information and background for the book. Lisa is one of our best writers and has done work on Listen Up You Primitive Screwheads, Castle Falkenstein, The Book of Auberon and a lot of our other products.

Lisa: As Cody mentioned, I’ve been writing part of the world section country by country. Its a challenging job for a couple of reasons.

First, how best to describe a country in the Witcher world so that a person who is not familiar with the world can run a game there? How much detail and of what sort? How do you do that briefly so that the book isn’t 1200 pages?


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